Rick Lowe Custom Leather HAND CRAFTED IN THE USA
  • Rifle Sling Ammo Carrier


    The Rifle Sling Ammo Carriers are hand made from top quality leather and designed to hold 10 rounds of ammo. They fit on a standard 1" rifle sling strap and can easily be adjusted. Sliding up or down on the strap makes it very easy to have extra rounds readily available. The carrier can also be positioned at the top to make a comfortable pad for the long walks with the rifle shouldered. Loops are hand formed using live ammo to insure a long lasting tight fit. Calibers from rimfire through .45-70 and all straight wall pistol calibers are available. Leather color options are walnut brown, tan and black. The Sling Ammo Carrier can be ordered with or without a 1" sling strap with fasteners and swivels.