All our products are made from veg- tanned American 

leather. Veg-tanning uses natural products to tan the hides and leaves no 

potentially corrosive residue often found in chrome tanned leather. We use a top 

grain leather which means that the fibers of the leather are tight and uniform 

with little or no marks on the finished side.  All the leather has been drum 

dyed at the tannery to give a deep and consistant color. A finish sealer is used 

to set the dye color and offer some water resistance. There are no products 

available to make leather totally water proof, so some care must be taken if the 

product gets thoroughly soaked. Place the item in a warm 

ventilated area and let it dry naturally. After drying a good leather 

conditioner such as Lexol, Obenauf, or other quality products can be used to bring back 

the natural suppleness of the leather. A good saddle soap is the best answer for 

basic cleaning. Any of these products should be applied to the finished (outer) 

side of the leather. They will naturally soak through the thickness of the 

leather. Treat your RLO leather just as you would any fine high quality 

leather product and it will give years of good service.